Craftsman Cleans Up: Craftsman Collision to offer sanitization treatment

Toronto, Ontario – Craftsman Collision will begin offering DrivePur sanitization treatments at all of its locations starting Oct. 1, according to a press release Wednesday.

Western Canada’s largest body shop chain has teamed up with Viral Defense Solutions to offer a brand new cleaning service to customers in the continued effort to suppress the spread of COVID-19. Craftsman Collision, however, will be the first chain to offer the service at all 42 of its locations, from Saskatchewan to British Columbia.

“We’re very excited to be launching this service, especially in light of the pandemic,” says Craftsman president Rick Hatswell. “With everyone so concerned about sanitization, I think many, if not most, of our customers, will opt for it. I wish we could offer it to everyone who wants it, but for now, only Craftsman customers getting their vehicles repaired are eligible.”

The process begins with DrivePur’s natural eucalyptus oil antiseptic that boasts a 99.9% COVID-19 kill rate, followed by a water-based spray, similar to those used in operating rooms and ICUs, to create a nano-thin coating that will protect your vehicle for up to six months. The treatment is applied to all vehicle contact surfaces, including the steering wheel, dashboard, consoles, door handles, trunk interior and latch.

The treatment will be offered at a discounted rate of $49 until Jan. 1.

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