Coronavirus Check-up: Two-thirds of facilities unprepared for virus

Toronto, Ontari0–March 12, 2020– One-in-six Canadian auto repair facilities are already reporting business disruptions caused by coronavirus, a new survey from Collision Repair has revealed.

The survey results come less than one day after the World Health Organization declared the coronavirus to be a pandemic, and Canada’s Minister of Health introduced plans aimed at slowing the rate of infection rather than stopping it outright.

Respondents to this magazine’s survey were universally concerned about the risks the virus poses to their business.

Three-quarters of respondents had also already implemented procedures to their business in order to mitigate the risks of the virus, all of whom had either implemented or had pre-existing handwashing and surface disinfecting policies.

A quarter of respondents had implemented new sick day procedures in order to prevent sick people from entering businesses.

One-in-eight have enacted new work-from-home policies for non-essential personnel.





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