CONNECT: AkzoNobel’s latest Innovation for Collision Repair shops

Troy, Michigan – AkzoNobel has introduced Connect–its latest digital innovation to enhance efficiency in collision repair shops in North America.

The application programming interface (API) facilities the exchange of data between AkzoNobel’s digital applications such as Carbeat, MIXIT and third-party software applications that are used by collision repair customers.

“We recognize that the growing number of software products used by our customers is creating significant challenges for them,” said Mike Sillay, AkzoNobel global services manager. “Some shops have as many as 15 independent digital tools to operate and maintain. Connect will help reduce the burden by linking AkzoNobel digital tools to a wide array of Body Shop Management Systems, Dealer Management Systems and other critical systems being used in the shops’ digital ecosphere.”

Connect delivers many advantages for collision repair customers such as driving efficiency in the body shop as Connect reduces the time for data entry into multiple software while increasing the accuracy of data. Overall, it makes businesses more connected and efficient, says AkzoNobel. The software runs in the background and synchronizes data.

CarBeat Connect is AkzoNobel’s first application of this software solution. CarBeat is a patented, state-of-the-art digital body shop workflow control solution that enables automotive body repair shops to track their work in production, and thus operate more efficiently.

Connect was first introduced to North America but is now offered in Europe and Asia.

“The interface to CarBeat has allowed us to focus more on the floor and not have to worry about tedious data entry,” said Mario Sano, general manager at Brandywine Coach. “With the data updating automatically, we can focus on driving production, knowing the data we’re looking at is accurate.”

The CarBeat Connect module has been implemented in selected body shops for several months, with AkzoNobel recently opening it up to other CarBeat customers in the United States and Canada.

MIXIT Connect is the second module that AkzoNobel will introduce in North America. MIXIT is AkzoNobel’s leading digital colour application tool that enhances the workflow for technicians and provides valuable business insights for managers.

“The MIXIT Connect team did a great job setting up this new platform,” said Steven Fielding, the director at Rusty Eck Collision Centre. “The setup, communication and follow-up were spot on!”


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