Keep one eye on the repair estimates and another on your mailbox as the latest edition of Collision Repair magazine makes its way to shops and homes across Canada—this time featuring a focus on everything to do with industry relations—customers, staff, partners and everyone in between.

Gracing the cover this time around is Bryan Leier; a nearly 50-year veteran of the collision industry and expert on nearly every corner of the trade. From his hometown repair shop in rural Saskatchewan to the sophisticated dealer-owned facility he manages today, there is little Bryan has yet to encounter, but much he has to offer in the way of insights on a successful and prolific career.


By Darryl Simmons
Publisher, Collision Repair Magazine


Automakers and insurers are no longer strange bedfellows

“This will shake things up. We know that already.
It’s just a matter of how much.”


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 The Guniwheel Universal Tire and Wheel Mounting System from LKQ Canada, described as working like a spare tire, is the first universal, vehicle and trailer mounting system. The Guniwheel weighs just 30 pounds and is able to fit into most four and five hole lug patterns—easily transported and used anywhere. With safety at the top of mind, the Guniwheel was designed to make moving vehicles off of lifts faster and safer. According to LKQ, the tire replacement can hold loads of up to 1290 pounds and can be safely driven up to 8km/h.

Sikkens Autowave

Sikkens Autowave is a waterborne basecoat for solid, pearl or metallic colors, setting the standard in waterborne basecoat performance with advanced binder and pigment technology. It provides excellent coverage, metallic control and sprayability when duplicating OEM solid, metallic and pearl effect colors – with remarkable ease of use, first-time-right reliability and reduced process time.

For more information on Sikkens products visit https://www.sikkensvr.com

Novus Plastic Polish

Join the millions of customers who are winning the war against fading, scratching, and dulling of plastics before their time. With 50 years of experience and innovation, our Plastic Polish is as easy as 1, 2, 3! From microwave doors to your car and everything in between, our plastic polish will have your surfaces looking like new!

For more information about this product call (450) 433-1414 or email communications@novusglass.com.

3M™ Performance Spray Gun

With material costs on the rise, it’s more important now than ever to have a spray gun that gives you all the performance you expect and helps you save. The 3M™Performance Spray Gun can help do just that. With the 3M™Performance Spray Gun, you can mix less paint while still getting the coverage you expect. It’s paint efficiency at its finest.Time to start spraying the smart way.Visit 3M.ca/CollisionSprayGun to learn more.

CAMAUTO Premium Elite Cart

CAMAUTO Premium Elite Cart is a heavy duty, mobile cart that helps you carry all your PDR and GPR tools. Equipped with a drawer, and with a steel tab organizer top for better tools and tabs organization, and with two foldable trays, that can be used as a side table, and that can be bent for a better storage space. Visit this link to see what is included in the cart, https://camautopro.com/en/products/camauto-pro/mobile-carts/41/premium-elite-loaded-cart

SprayMax 1K 3in1 Primer Shade

SprayMax 1K 3 in1 Primer Shade is designed for easy and convenient priming and filling of different surfaces. It offers excellent adhesion and sanding properties as well as high filling characteristics. Can be sprayed direct to metal, aluminum, steel and various plastics. Can be topcoated with both solvent and waterborne basecoats as well as single stage topcoats. Available in three shades: White 3680403, Gray 3680404, and Black 3680405. For more information contact: order@Kwasny.us | 844.426.6330www.


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