Clear your calendar for the 2019 IRT

By CRM staff
Toronto, Ontario — December 20, 2018 — Every year and a half, leading auto recycler associations from all over the world gather together for the International Roundtable on Auto Recycling (IRT) and the submissions for papers to present are open until the end of the year.
Among a broad range of auto recycling associations, are also industry officials, guest speakers and local auto recyclers.
With the next IRT scheduled to happen May 2-4 in Norfolk, England, there’s already quite the agenda lined up.
The list of topics that will be up for discussion touch on the major issues that recyclers have been facing in the industry for the past few years.
Some of the topics include, the safety aspects of collection and recycling of electric vehicles, benefits of the circular economy, autonomous vehicles impact on recycling, how to recycle new materials used in future cars, plus much, much more.
The roundtable will also give attendees the chance to visit local auto recycler sites, tour the Lotus factory and engage in an afternoon tea on a heritage steam. 
If you’re interested in presenting at the IRT please fill out the papers here and send them off to Andy Latham via e-mail: andy@salvagewire.com.

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