Toronto Turf War: Two tow trucks hit with gunfire in North York

Toronto, Ontario — Who would have thought that towing would be such a dangerous career choice? As the GTA continues fighting a two-year tow truck turf war, Police investigate two separate shootings involving two tow trucks near highway 401 in North York Wednesday night. Police have said that several callers reported hearing multiple gunshots in […]

Ontario fleet fighting $19K tow bill after minor incident

Toronto, Ontario — An Ontario fleet has said that its tractor-trailer is being held hostage in Chicago, Illinois. RoadStar Trucking is attempting to recover a tractor and trailer that a Chicago-area towing company impounded on August 12. VIP Towing and Roadside Assistance, the Chicago company in question, is asking for US$18,958 to release RoadStar’s equipment. […]

Towing Town Hall: Conversation between CAA, OPP and PTAO on reforming the industry

Toronto, Ontario — Susan Rosenburg once said “it’s not enough just to punish and to hold people accountable for what’s done. It’s to set down procedures so it can’t happen again.” This quote really pertains to Ontario’s towing industry and this concept was discussed heavily in the Towing Town Hall webinar held on Aug. 12. In […]

The High Road: PTAO president discusses GTA towing coverage and a path forward

By Gideon Scanlon Toronto, Ontario — The president of the Provincial Towing Association of Ontario has expressed concern about the recent coverage of the arrests of members of the GTA towing community in an interdepartmental operation, Project Platinum. Following the publication of a CBC story, Canadian Towing Professional spoke with PTAO’s president, Mark Graves and […]

BREAKING: Charges filed against GTA towing businesses

Toronto, Ontario — York Regional Police have laid hundreds of charges against 20 members of the towing industry accused of being involved in the GTA’s towing turf war. At least four murders, as well as several shootings and more than 50 torchings of tow trucks have been linked to criminal organizations operating in the GTA’s towing sector. […]

Canadian Catch: Highway Thru Hell star named U.S. brand partner

Germantown, Wisconsin — April 29, 2020 — A Canadian towing legend has been scouted by an American company to serve as a brand representative. Highway Thru Hell star and heavy-duty rescue operator Al Quiring of Quiring Towing and Recovery in British Columbia has been hired as a brand partner for the J.W. Speaker Corporation, which […]

Arson Investigation: Four vehicle fire outside N.B. towing business

Moncton, New Brunswick — Four vehicles have been set on fire at a Moncton towing business, Dynamic Towing. New Brunswick RCMP officers are investigating the scene, after receiving a report of the fires in the early morning. The RCMP has yet to announce whether its investigators believe the fires to have been acts of arson. […]

Towing Tragedy: Accident kills Hamilton recovery professional

Toronto, Ontario — An Ontario based towing professional, Peter Szymczak, 33, has died after a vehicle fell off of his tow truck. The incident occurred in Hamilton, Ontario, on April 6. Szymczak, an employee of Fast and Friendly Roadside Services in Burlington, Ontario-based towing business, leaves three children behind. The incident was reported by Hamilton […]

Up From the Depths: N.S. tow pro involved in RCMP undersea operation

Toronto, Ontario — March 12, 2020 — A Nova Scotia towing professional, Chris Doucet, has provided the RCMP with vital assistance in its investigation of a dangerous hoax involving a vehicle driven into the sea. On February 29, a red compact was driven over a wharf and into the Atlantic in Cape St Mary’s, N.S […]