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There are infinite ways to innovate — let these CCS members show you how No two collision centres are the same; every management team has its own approach to achieving success and a culture of high performance within its organization. That is a fact Consolidated Collision Services (CCS) knows and celebrates, working closely with each […]


Your voice is your most powerful tool By ALLISON ROGERS There are very few things I love more than talking. I thrive on finding conversations on any corner. Chats with my barista? A daily occurrence. Weather-related meanderings with my neighbour? Those are especially frequent. Now and then even my dog tells me to shut up. […]


HEAD ON A SWIVEL The province of Alberta is taking steps to better protect tow truck drivers while on the job, with the launch of a one-year pilot project to assess the efficacy of blue emergency lights on tow trucks. Industry advocates from the Towing and Recovery Association of Alberta and the Alberta Motor Association, […]


A MCGREGOR MOOD McGregor Auto Parts in St. Thomas, Ontario celebrated its sixtieth year in business a couple of weeks ago; not with a trip to Value Village to take advantage of the 30 percent off seniors discount, but with a huge community barbecue packed with food, classic cars and prizes. St. Thomas locals were […]



CROWNING THE KEMBERS CARSTAR recognized its top franchise partners during its annual conference in July, where the title of 2022 Franchisee of the Year was given to CARSTAR Centennial Auto Group, led by Ezra, David and Robert Kember. “The Kembers are a proud CARSTAR family with deep roots in their community,” wrote CARSTAR in its […]


UNIBAN BOOSTS IT Uniban Canada held its annual Boost Convention in June, hosting its franchise partners and attendees in Mont-Tremblant, Quebec. “We embarked on a strategic growth plan with our franchise partners to snap back from pandemic constraints, and we have worked together in lockstep to deliver the highest-quality service to be valuable members of […]


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NO MORE 90210 Ontario Premier Doug Ford has suggested that the practice of dictating insurance premiums based on postal codes may soon end. The insurance industry’s practice of pricing based on location represents unfair gouging of consumers, according to Ford. “I know we’re working on a plan for insurance companies, as far as I’m concerned, […]



ROCKY ROADS They say bigger is better, but that’s not the case when it comes to potholes. Manitoba Public Insurance (MPI) says it processed 871 pothole claims this April— a 1,200 percent increase, compared to the public insurer’s monthly average of 64. This beats the previous 479 percent increase in March 2022, compared to 2021. […]


regional news

ATTACK AT ALBERT’S AUTO BODY The owner of an Edmonton, Alberta collision centre is devastated following the fatal attack of a longtime employee. On May 18, Anthony Hai, the owner of Albert’s Auto Body in Edmonton’s Chinatown neighbourhood, found his employee Hung Trang injured in a corner of the building following reports a stranger had […]



YOU’RE GONNAGO PARR, KID The year 1952 brought a lot of exciting new things into the world: Hudson Motor Car Company followed up the iconic Hornet with the Wasp, John Steinbeck released his magnum opus, East of Eden, Jeff Goldblum was born—and Parr Auto Body opened its doors in Saskatoon. Helmed by some of Saskatchewan’s […]