HOT GARBAGE If you’re using it properly, Google Street View can deliver hours of fun. After all, Google’s map car drives all over the world daily— they’re bound to capture some wacky situations. That’s exactly what happened in West Vancouver back in April when a Google Street View vehicle captured a burning garbage truck along […]


SCAR PARTS In early December, Toyota issued a call for all-hands-on-deck to fight against the ongoing automotive materials shortage, announcing the OEM will permit the use of scratched, blemished, and otherwise “imperfect” parts from suppliers while global supply chains level out. “We are careful about the outside of our vehicles, the parts you can easily […]


While Wyllie and Kennedy both anticipate further claims to surface, ICBC maintains that it is “too early” to estimate total claims and costs. THE LITERAL FLOODGATES “According to the Insurance Bureau of British Columbia (ICBC), the insurer has received more than 1,700 vehicle claims linked to extreme weather events during December. The damage is reportedly […]


No more gaming on the go, says Tesla. The company will soon drop an over-the-air update to restrict the Passenger Play feature while the vehicle is in motion. GAME OVER No more gaming on the go for Tesla drivers as the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) reported the EV automaker has disabled the ability […]


ARPAC CEO Simon Matte has shared four comments with Environment Canada on electrification in the automotive industry and its implications for auto recyclers. MATTE’S MANDATE When it comes to electric vehicle batteries, Quebec’s Association of Auto Parts Recyclers (ARPAC) share a question in common with much of the general Canadian public: “What end of life […]


According to the  quit  AssociationThis year’s most stolen vehicle in Canada is the Ford F-series of pickup trucks, most often of the 2018 model year. STICKY SITUATIONS Buyer beware; reports have begun circulating that vehicle thieves have been “re-vinning” stolen vehicles to sell to unsuspecting customers. Insurers are taking note of a new trend prevailing […]


The Ford tow manual says to hook in front of the control arms and tie-down using the wheels. MACH-E MISHAPS An improper hookup can do some pretty significant damage to an EV and, such as in the case of one Mustang Mach-E driver, cost you thousands.A Canadian driver posted to the online Mach-E Forum, detailing […]