From ADAS Ready to ADAS Capable: Do you know what you need to?

There’s a stark difference between being ready for advanced driver assistance system (ADAS) calibrations and becoming fully capable for the new world of collision repair. The first step in performing any proper ADAS calibration is understanding and verifying the areas of concern by obtaining as much information from the customer and the vehicle as you […]


There is nothing normal about the ‘new normal’ BY STEFANO LIESSI Here we are—we survived to see 2021 despite the hackneyed persona of its predecessor 2020. As many of you likely are, I am rather bitter about 2020, it was a less than pleasant experience for many of us, resemblant to that of having the […]


A welcome fresh start follows the flames BY JAY PERRY At the mention of the Metal Ages, we can all conjure up images of blacksmiths working the metal of their craft using fire to strengthen the product of their labour. I think this is an appropriate metaphor for the year that is finally in the […]


Your good life is not a goal—it’s right now BY CHELSEA STEBNER I think that many of us know one of the very best ways to learn is through listening and conversation with other like-minded people who are in similar leadership roles. It is often a lonely place to be. I love the opportunity to […]


Put pressure on those bleeding costs BY TOM BISSONNETTE Back in 1986, I worked at Parr Auto Body as the shop manager. I was in way over my head—a 2,230 sq. m. (24,000 sq. ft.) facility with a rent cost of $12,000 a month was just one of the insane overheads that the business had. […]


Do your research and remove the guesswork BY FORTY, THE PROGRESSIVE ESTIMATOR It isn’t very often that the wheel is reinvented, but what happens to the old wheels when they have been improved upon? With each improvement of accuracy and performance, how long until the older model becomes a past solution to a non-modern problem? […]


Alvin’s attention to detail keeps him focused on the job—and in life Born in the Philippines, Alvin Bartolome took his first steps on Canadian soil in June of 2009. With limited skills but an immense amount of determination he began to chart himself a path toward success. In 2012 his uncle, Rex invited him to […]


Rebooting is no longer an option BY DARRYL SIMMONS The most dangerous words in business are, ‘We’ve always done it this way.’” Keep this in mind as we no longer have the ability to reset or reboot to what was normal in the past. We are in the reinvention stage of business. It’s a brave […]