NAVIGATING THE NEW YEAR – Santa knows who’s skipping the sanitizer

BY STEVE KNOX WHEN HE CAME DOWN THE CHIMNEY, WAS SANTA WEARING A MASK? Oh, what a different world we’ve found ourselves in. Looking back to 12 months ago, Canada now seems like it was an untamed wild west. In the not-so-far-off olden days, we would sit closely and talk to customers visiting our businesses. […]

BREAKING THE GROUND – The struggles and successes of starting out

BY TOM BISSONNETTE I fell into the auto body trade almost by accident. My car had been in an accident and I took it to a local shop where I got to know the owner and manager and we became friends. My original vocation was a mechanic at a local farm machinery dealership. My father […]

FIND YOUR MISSING PIECE – How do you hire the perfect fit?

BY CHELSEA STEBNER RIGHT PEOPLE. RIGHT BUS. RIGHT SEAT? We hear so much about making sure we’re all hiring the right people to join our teams. When it comes right down to it, how do we really know? I bet that none of us are HR experts or have specialized training in that area and […]

THE NUMBERS GAME – Pay attention to what KPIs are telling you

BY JAY PERRY There is a great deal of emphasis on key performance indicators (KPIs) these days, and with good reason. These numbers tell a story—but that’s where they can become very confusing and start us down a road that can take us away from our goals. Before we get any farther into this conversation, […]

Publisher’s Page – Charting our course

By Darryl Simmons This year was a challenge—let’s make 2021 great Man, oh man, what a year. But I’m not telling you anything you don’t already know. Despite the challenges, we saw phenomenal advancements for certain sectors of our industry: training, network growth, certification, and exciting new products and profit opportunities. Network action in 2020 […]