CARSTAR CMD Group closes original store, opens larger facility

CARSTAR Calgary Burnsland Rd. The new facility is 19,000 sq. ft, almost three times the size of the store it replaces.

By Mike Davey

Calgary, Alberta — March 16, 2016 — It’s the closing of a page of history, and the opening of a new one. The CARSTAR CMD Group has announced that it has closed its CARSTAR Inglewood location and moved all operations to a new facility on Burnsland Rd. in Calgary. The new facility will operate as CARSTAR Calgary Burnsland Rd.

CARSTAR Calgary Burnsland Rd. will continue to serve the Calgary market through its complete collision and glass service centre. The new facility is centrally located and approximately 19,000 sq. ft. in size.

The old Inglewood site is currently being developed as condos by Chris Stathonikos, one of the owners of the CARSTAR CMD Group. You can see more on this project at avlicondos.ca.

“CARSTAR Inglewood was our original location. The business has owned the property since 1978,” says Matt Stathonikos. “We’ve been looking for two years to find a suitable site to move the store, but body shop zoning is not easy. It just came together recently.”

Most repairers are familiar with the challenges zoning presents when it comes to locating autobody facilities. However, CARSTAR CMD Group not only found a building, the company has managed to upgrade the physical space along with the move.

“The new store is almost three times the size of CARSTAR Inglewood,” says Stathonikos. “The old store was only about 7,000 sq. ft., so now we have a much bigger production space.”

For more information, please visit carstar.ca.


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