Carrossier ProColor to sponsor Lance Stroll segment during F1 coverage

Carrossier ProColor will present special Lance Stroll segments during the Formula 1 coverage on Réseau des sports (RDS).

Laval, Quebec — March 29, 2017 — The Carrossier ProColor network has announced that it will be the official presenter of the special Lance Stroll segment during the Formula 1 coverage on Réseau des sports (RDS), Canada’s French language sports channel. Carrossier ProColor is a member of CSN Collision Centres.

The young Montreal-born Canadian Lance Stroll will make his debut as a Formula 1 driver for the Williams team alongside Valterri Bottas. At 18 years old, he became the youngest Formula 3 champion in Quebec by finishing the 2016 season with a 185-point lead, the largest margin of victory in F3 history. This year sees him join the ranks of the F1. Stroll has racked up 98 races, 29 wins and 52 podium placements in his career so far.

“It is truly a great pride for us to be associated with race car driver prodigy Lance Stroll, especially considering he is the first Canadian F1 driver since Jacques Villeneuve, and of Quebec origin to top it off!” said Mary Jayn de Villers, Director of Marketing and Communications at Carrossier ProColor. “Our fellow Canadian citizens will no doubt follow the driver’s journey very closely on RDS, thus providing excellent visibility for our collision repair centres.”

As the official presenter of the special Lance Stroll segment, Carrossier ProColor will benefit from broad-spectrum visibility, including the segment’s opening panel and a 30-second advertisement during the broadcast of all qualifications, pre-races and races of the F1 2017 season.

The F1 consists of 20 races that will take place at locations around the world. The entire competition will be broadcast on RDS and RDS 2 from March 26 to 26 November 26 2017.

For more information, please visit carrossierprocolor.com.


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