Career Ready: Employers with apprentices and co-op students can take advantage of the APMA’s Career Ready Fund

Toronto, Ontario — To help connect students with careers in the auto sector, the APMA is working with post-secondary institutions to help connect 669 students, apprentices and recent graduates with jobs and careers in the automotive supply sector. 

By participating in the program, known as the Career Ready Fund, participants will gain practical on-the-job experience that will help launch their careers in the automotive sector. Employers will have the opportunity to provide productive dialog between academic institutions and industry. This program will give companies line of sight to new talent that will bring fresh ideas and perspective to the workplace.  

Businesses will receive $3000 per placement, and $5000 per placement if the participant has a disability. A single placement lasts 10 weeks to four months, and participants may qualify for up to three placements in a calendar year.  

To qualify for the Career Ready Fund:  

  • Original Equipment Manufacturers and Manufacturers must have a minimum of 50% business revenue come from the automotive sector 
  • Advanced Manufacturers must have a minimum of 30% business revenue come from the automotive sector 
  • Participants must be hired after April 1, 2020 and before January 21, 2021
  • Placements must be full-time and located in Ontario 

For more information on Career Ready Fund and for the application form, click here

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