Can’t Riv’ it Down: EV manufacturer Rivian layoffs hundreds of workers

Toronto, Ontario — In spite of last week’s announcement that production and deliveries would be increasing, Rivian has revealed plans to cut five percent of their workforce.

According to Bloomberg News, this layoff equates to hundreds of jobs across Rivian’s 10,000-strong global workforce.

This decision comes after Rivian increased staffing through certain sectors related to non-manufacturing positions. The company says the layoffs will target positions with dual functions. The initial staffing increase is being cited as hasty decision-making, as the company seeks to trim fat in places where it has grown too quickly.

Rivian announced last week that they have been able to ramp up production deliveries through the second quarter of 2022. This increase in production represents almost 4,400 vehicles rolled out by the company in the second quarter.

The company says layoffs are still in the planning stage and nothing has been decided, but has declined to provide an official statement to media on the decision.


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