Cancelling Chrome: Stellantis to remove chrome from future vehicles due to carcinogenic properties

Toronto, Ontario — Stellantis, which produces automotive brands such as Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep, Ram, FIAT, and Alfa Romeo, has announced that it will be removing the use of chrome from its vehicles going forward, due to the material relying on toxic and carcinogenic chemicals.

Chief global designer for the automaker, Ralph Gilles has specifically referred to the plan as the “Death of Chrome.”

Hexavalent chromium, used to make the chrome currently used in vehicles, has been labelled by the California Air Resources Board as “the second most potent toxic air containment identified by the state.” The organization further told CNN that it is “500 times more toxic than diesel exhaust and has no known safe level of exposure.”

While the chrome already in existing vehicles offers little risk, the process of manufacturing it poses more serious health concerns, says Stellantis.

Giles further told CNN that there are some hexavalent chrome alternatives, such as trivalent chrome, but they don’t have the same shine that chrome is known for.

“The problem is the luster isn’t as good,” Giles said. “It has a more yellow kind of finish. Whereas, hexavalent is extremely good, very brilliant, very clear and that’s why people have come to love it. They don’t realize what they’re looking at, but they’ve come to love it. We have to make them unlove it.”

Alongside the California Air Resources Board, Europe is reportedly also looking at pushing back on the use of chrome. Additionally, Volkswagen and Mercedes are beginning to explore the use of light-up emblems as a replacement.


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