Canadian Apprenticeship Forum seeking personal views on transitions between jurisdictions

Ottawa, Ontario — December 8, 2014 — The Canadian Apprenticeship Forum (CAF) is seeking the views of employers, apprentices, journeypersons, and trainers who have personal experience with transitions between different jurisdictions as part of its Labour Mobility of Apprentices project.

For example, CAF would like to hear from employers who have hired apprentices initially trained elsewhere and apprentices who have moved to complete their apprenticeship.

The project seeks to ensure employers who wish to hire and apprentices who wish to move are fully informed of the requirements for successful transition. The project will gather insights into the challenges associated with hiring out-of-province apprentices and develop appropriate resources to help apprentices and employers meet administrative requirements.

Phone interviews will be scheduled in December 2014 and take approximately 20 minutes. Participation is voluntary and anonymous. Results will be aggregated and summarized in the final report.

Please contact emily@caf-fca.org if you’re interested in participating in an interview about your experience with labour mobility.


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