Canada Car Color training modules increasing in popularity

Representatives from Speedy Collision, CARSTAR, Fix Auto, Boyd Group, and independent shop owners attending a Canada Car Color Training Module.

By Josh White

Calgary, Alberta — May 30, 2017 — Canada Car Color, based in Alberta, runs a regular series of training modules aimed towards customer success. The design of the modules was driven by a desire to make sure the company’s customers understand the fullest potential of their products.The initiative has proven to be very successful and attendance has grown substantially.

As a Business Development Representative in Calgary for Cross Canada (then LKQ), Rick Boychuk developed the idea for training modules as a way to add value to client relationships. After noticing a lack of understanding regarding some of the products, Boychuk felt that more specific information sessions could fill in the gaps for owners, managers, and technicians. Looking at several topics that were key in most shops, seminars were developed and replied with instant interest. Gathering a reputation, the modules were then brought to Canada Car Color where they were modified and brought to a wider client-base.

Car Color’s training modules have increased in popularity as of late. On the success of the programs, Boychuk said “Picking the right topics and having keynote guest speakers who would be seen as experts in the topics we selected added a great deal of credibility to the seminars.” At the popular “Health and Safety” seminar for example, there was a guest speaker who was an Occupational Health and Safety officer that also had an active role in creating current legislation. The seminars frequently have three expert guest speakers to cover the topic of multiple levels.

CARSTAR’s Scott Lavery has attended the seminars since the beginning. It is the experts brought in to speak that he says is the most appealing aspect. “[Boychuk] really took the bull by the horns and saw a need to do it,” said Lavery.

“These seminars seem to be filling a need and it’s obvious by the increased attendance of each seminar we’re on the right track,” said Boychuk. After the success of particularly popular modules such as “Health and Safety” and “Understanding Your Estimating and Management Systems,” there are plans to expand the programs to other locations.

With topics chosen by popular demand and customer feedback, now may be a great time to get involved with the seminars. Even as the program expands and develops, Boychuk emphasizes that they are keeping the same winning formula that works, allowing customers to know what to expect from one module to the next.

Canada Car Color is planning to run the seminars every three to four months, with the next one occurring near the end of June.



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