Can you believe this?! – top five stories of the week!

By CRM staff

Toronto, Ontario — November 22, 2018 — Collision Repair has prepared five of the top unbelievable stories we couldn’t wait to share with you. A DeLorean hovercraft is up on E-bay for an exceptional amount, plus British Columbia police are on the lookout for a cyclist who threw his own feces at a vehicle, and much more!

DeLorean Hovercraft For Sale on eBay

We all remember the famous DeLorean, that made its debut with the Back to the Future films. But now, a video of this one-off DeLorean hovercraft has gone viral. The video shows the vehicle gliding along the water, as if it was a boat. The vintage vehicle is going for $45,000 on e-Bay. “This is a hand-made hovercraft that was built between 2008 and 2012 and continuously improved upon since then. I have recently remodeled and upgraded much of it and it is now in the best shape of its life. The thrust engine is about 5 years old and has about 40 hours on it. The lift engine is new and has about 10 hours on it. I spent the last 4 months working full-time to get it in great condition for you! New paint job, new rudders, new wiring, new switches, new led lights, etc,” the seller wrote on eBay.



Stinky Situation 

British Columbia police are on the lookout for a cyclist that was involved in a collision with a vehicle. It is unclear about how the collision happened in the first place, but the cyclist was enraged to say the least. Minutes following the incident, the man on the bike threw his own feces at the vehicle, where a witness from a window nearby caught the whole thing on video. The video also shows the cyclist grabbing his bike and ramming it into the passenger side headlights of her vehicle before fleeing the scene.



Montreal Flood

A water main broke earlier this week near the Atwater Tunnel in, Montreal, Que. causing several vehicles to be completely submerged in water. A natural gas company had broke a 60-centimeter water main by accident on Tuesday morning resulting in eight to 10 meters of water to fill the tunnel. Southwest borough Mayor Benoit Dorais said Wednesday that the tunnel had been drained of water by mid-morning, but that there was still lots of water and mud south of the tunnel near the CN bridge.



Green Hell Highway

Imagine driving your everyday vehicle on a racetrack? In Germany you can. The Nürburgring Nordschleife racetrack, also known as Green Hell Highway, has public periods where anyone with a legal vehicle can pay to take a lap. The circuit is approximately 20.832 km long, filled with tricky corners, treacherous crests and steep inclines. A video has been released displaying some pretty outrageous vehicles hitting up the track.



Ford Eliminates New Car Smell

Do you love that new car smell? Well Ford doesn’t. The company has filed a patent application for an odor-removal process that eliminates the new car smell after a vehicle has been purchased.




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