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A man from Milton Ontario got quite the surprise in March after dropping his 2018 Nissan Altima off for service at a local dealership. Frank Statti dropped his car off for repair and thought nothing of it. While the vehicle was in for repair Statti checked his insurance company’s monitoring app and found his vehicle was far from the dealership where he left it. He located his car 90 kilometres from the dealership, and the app noted speeds of up to 148 kilometres per hour. It was later revealed that a Milton Nissan technician had taken the car home to diagnose the problem. Officials at the dealership reportedly told Statti it’s not uncommon for technicians to take vehicles home to resolve the issue overnight—though the customer never agreed to have his vehicle taken out of town. Further, Statti noted that the rear camera—the reason he brought the car in for service—was never fixed. He also noted that his insurance provider will see that his vehicle was speeding which could negatively affect his premium. Nissan Canada says his rear camera will be checked at another dealership.


What began as a game of zingy wordplay between a Listowel, Ontario, Speedy Auto Glass facility and the Dairy Queen restaurant next door has turned into a battle of wits between businesses across Canada. The national game began in late April after Speedy Auto Glass launched a lighthearted jab at its DQ neighbours. “Hey DQ, wanna have a sign war?” read Speedy Auto Glass Listowel’s initial proposal. “You bet your glass we do,” DQ fired back. Thus, a multi-day back-and-forth between the two businesses, prompting several other local businesses to participate in the festivities—at first. Now, the trend has spread across the nation, with businesses from Charlottetown, P.E.I. to Victoria, B.C., and everywhere in between participating.


Toronto Police pulled a mystery vehicle out of Humber River, which is expected to have been underwater for more than 25 years. Toronto Police Services said the car was reported stolen 25 years ago. The car was noticed by real estate agent Jordan Marushiak who was showing a client a condo that overlooked Humber Bay when he noticed the submerged vehicle. Marushiak ended up conducting a do-it-yourself investigation on the vehicle and posted a video of it to his YouTube Channel. The short video titled Car Under Water Lake Ontario, Part One, shows close-up shots of the submerged car using an underwater camera and includes aerial shots. Marushiak says he promises to make a part two to give updates on the mysterious aquatic vehicle.


A home in Nova Scotia is having quite the stroke of bad luck. Richard Campbell’s home in Cape Breton has been struck by a car not once, but twice this year. Campbell’s house is located near what locals refer to as the Duck Pond turn, a sharp turn on Union Highway in Scottsville, N.S.

According to the Cape Breton Post, there is a sign warning drivers to slow to 35 kilometres per hour before the turn near Campbell’s residence, though it’s clear that advice isn’t always followed. There is currently a large chunk of foundation missing from Campbell’s home, as well as a cracked drywall interior.Two of his vehicles were also damaged in both collisions, though no one was injured in either accident.


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