Calibration Stations: Frank Terlep predicts calibration-specific facilities

Toronto, Ontario ⁠— Self-proclaimed industry disruptor and co-founder of Auto Techcelerators Frank Terlep says the collision industry could see a new type of facility emerge in the coming years.

During a July 22 webinar with Dave Luehr’s Elite Body Shop, Terlep discussed why proper test drives and documentation are critical on advanced driver assistance system (ADAS) equipped vehicles, he said the collision industry is not prepared to take on the extensive calibration that will be required on incoming vehicle models.

“I don’t believe our industry has space, the people power or expenses to implement a calibration system inside its facility,” Terlep told the audience. “Simply because of the various requirements and different manufacturer systems, I believe we’ll begin to see this new type of business pop up⁠—calibration centres.” 

Terlep said that, by 2022, 97 percent of new vehicle models will be equipped with ADAS⁠. By 2019, the U.S.-based CCC Information Services said 48 percent of the year’s vehicle models included ADAS. 

Terlep said modern ADAS repairs are about more than just pre- and post-scans⁠⁠; they also call for calibrations⁠—dynamic or static⁠—and test drives. 

Further, Terlep said, to succeed in the ADAS era, you need to strive to create “bulletproof files” in the event you need to prove a proper repair was completed.

“You need to document every repair you do as if you are going to court tomorrow. It may not be nice to think or do, but it is absolutely critical⁠—particularly with these electronic systems.”

Click here to watch the full webinar.


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