• MPX-30
Fuji Spray has specialized in HVLP turbine equipment since 1986. In addition to a full range of HVLP turbine sprayers, Fuji Spray offers a compressor spray gun line designed for mid-pressure, also known as reduced pressure.
The MPX-30 is part of this line, and Fuji Spray says it is perfect for professional automotive refinishing. It’s designed to be versatile in terms of application and performance and to handle all types of coatings, including solvent-based basecoats, low-VOC colours and clear coat. The MPX-30 uses the same familiar controls as any high-pressure spray gun and still offers the many benefits of HVLP.
Fuji Spray says its MPX Technology ensures transfer efficiency above 65 percent as required by VOC legislation. The company says an added benefit is a considerable savings in paint compared to conventional spray equipment, as the MPX-30 combines rapid application speed and high transfer rates.
The MPX-30 is available in gravity feed and siphon models. A high pressure regulator gauge is included with all models.
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