Burst Bubbles: Class action suit launched against GM for defective paint on Chevy, GMC models

Toronto, Ontario — Some American drivers are fed up with defective paint on their Chevrolet and GMC vehicles and have decided to launch a class action lawsuit against General Motors..

Currently before U.S. district court in Florida’s middle district, the suit represents drivers from Florida and Tennessee who allege that their vehicle’s paint “delaminates, bubbles, flakes, erodes and blisters” at an unreasonable rate.

The suit identifies 2015 through 2019 Chevrolet Silverados, Suburbans and Tahoes; and GMC Yukons, Yukon XLs, and Sierras as being affected by the defective paint.

“GM should properly repair all of the Class Vehicles, immediately, offer rescission to the Class by repurchasing their Class Vehicles for their full cost, reimburse the lessees of the Class Vehicles the monies they have paid toward their leases, recall all defective vehicles that are equipped with the defective paint, and cease and desist from marketing, advertising, selling, and leasing the Class Vehicles,” the lawsuit reads.

The owner of a 2015 Chevrolet Tahoe included a personal account in the lawsuit, speaking to the difficult financial position this defect puts drivers in.

​​”The coups de gras, which was the final straw, is when the top coat on the hood and top of the Tahoe started to fade/grey and crack on the black undercoat. To fix the top coat, the dealership wanted $2,300; of which they were going to pick up 10 percent of after my pushing for warranty. The Tahoe is three years old. The paint should last well into a decade, and I kept the car washed weekly and detailed every six months.”

The suit also claims that GM further duped its customers by failing to “provide truthful information about the defects of the paint.”

General Motors Canada has yet to comment on the lawsuit.


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6 Responses

  1. Just wanted to know who the lawyer is who is filling the suit and how to contact them. I have the same problem on my truck.


  2. The Blue 2016 chevy trax should be included in this,have had for almost 2 years and still making payments,now to see the paint is bubbling and peeling on the hood and hatch.It makes me sick to see how my vehicle is depreciated by something the manufacturer refuses to acknowledge.I am on a fixed budget and cannot afford to have it repainted,what happened to honesty and quality?

    1. ALL Blue Chevy Trax have this same issue. I contacted GM and took my vehicle to the Chevy dealership just for them to give me the run around and eventually tell me there’s nothing they can do. Chevy Trax definitely needs to be apart of this lawsuit.

  3. I am wanting to know how to go about adding Cadillac Escalades, from the same model years of the GMCs and Chevys listed in the suit, added to the suit. I have a 2016 Cadillac Escalade ESV that has the same issues with it.

  4. There are numerous Cadillac Escalade owners who are having these exact same issues. How do we add the Escalade to the class?

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