BUKL Up: Toronto-based company launches new auto tire sourcing app for auto shops

Toronto, Ontario — August 13, 2019 – A Toronto-based company has just partnered with Bridgestone to help drivers in the GTA get their tires at a more reliable price while bridging the gap between customer and repairer.

Designed in 2018, BUKL can connect customers to their next auto shop while scheduling a perfect drop-off time, providing the best prices, and even allowing the customer to make their payment – all from the comfort of their phone.

With the hopes of connecting auto repair shops across the vast GTA, CEO of BUKL, Jesse Sahlani believes the app can make the process of finding an auto repair facility a whole lot simpler. 

“The launch of this service represents the relationship we are trying to create between standalone auto shops and everyday drivers,” stated Sahlani. “Now you can find the best deals on tires thanks to our volume discounts, paired with over 100 auto shops with skilled labour in the GTA.”

Not only does BUKL quicken the process of finding a repair facility immensely, but the app also assists in building a reliable and trusting relationship between the shop and the customer.

According to Sahlani, the service promises no upcharges and no surprise bills.

“Any added adjustment to the work done will get clearly communicated,” BUKL states on their website. “We want your experience to be seamless and easy.”

The app also “vets” repair facilities to ensure a history of reliability as further increase trust between a driver and their repairer. 

Some priorities on BUKL’s checklist is a shop that must be a properly insured business, must have been operating for 6 months or longer must provide warranty on parts and or services and must have fair pricing and provide good customer service.

Repair facilities who are interested in being featured on the app can apply on BUKL’s site.

The application is available for both iPhone and Android users. For more information on the app, visit bukl.co

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