Building a Bronco: Ford details 2022 Bronco materials usage in ‘On Target’ newsletter

Toronto, Ontario — The last time anyone was talking about something interesting they saw in a Ford Bronco, it was 1994—yet Ford has released specs on the material usage of the new 2022 Bronco and Bronco Sport.

The latest edition of Ford’s “On Target” monthly newsletter saw the OEM delve into the details of the re-introduced Bronco model.

According to Ford, the 2022 Bronco will feature;

  • A fender apron brace (upper and lower) constructed of high-strength low-alloy (HSLA) 340 steel
  • A body structure constructed of boron, dual phase (DP) and high-strength steels
  • Roof panel reinforcements constructed of high-strength low-alloy (HSLA) and bake-hardened (BH) steel
  • Bolted, removable front fenders, hinged doors and hood
  • Body-side outer panels constructed of aluminum and bake-hardened steel

As well, Ford expanded on some of the offerings of the 2022 Bronco Sport, including details of the vehicle’s roof and body-side outer panels.

The report noted that the Bronco’s roof bows are made of “Smart Steel,” a material Ford introduced on the 2020 Ford Escape. 

Smart Steel, Ford said, consists of two thin steel outer layers sandwiching a steel-fiber-reinforced composite. Developed by the Material Science Corporation, the material is 40 percent lighter than standard steel, and permits traditional resistance spot welding, Ford has said.

Ford has yet to set a release date for the 2022 Ford Bronco and Bronco Sport.


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