Bodyworx Professional latest issue out now

Toronto, Ontario — June 14, 2019 — Media Matters is proud to announce that Bodyworx Professional is ready for print and eager to be read!

This issue details students’ sharp skills as they learn new glass repair methods as well as the top five tips to build an amazing career in auto painting. There’s something for everyone in this issue as it covers stories from top auto leaders from all ages and paths of life.

One specific story – our cover story – features an exciting repair professional story from Amanda Greke. A woman who built her dream career while working hard in a male-dominated industry.

Take a sneak peek at her exciting story below:


By Jordan Arsenault

Amanda Greke has never been one to back down from adversity.

Like many women in traditionally male-dominated professions, Amanda’s journey to becoming an automotive painter didn’t come without bumps in the road first. 

“When I first started my career it was a bit of a challenge to gain respect for my work and move past the fact that I was a female wanting to be in the trade. I felt there was a bit more pressure to show I was capable of doing this work–and doing it well,” said Amanda. 

Amanda was determined to become an automotive painter. Not only was the automotive industry her passion, but it was also in her blood. 


To continue reading, take a look at the digital copy, here. 

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