BMW Blunders: Improper clips and PDR holes could spawn airbag issues

Toronto, Ontario — Using improper clips on some BMW doors could result in airbag issues, BMW collision program manager Jonathan Inzano said during a Feb. 11 Guild 21 webinar.

During Guild 21’s BMW Repair Technology webinar, Inzano⁠—alongside BMW insurance manager Attila Princz⁠—explained that BMW models could carry pressure sensors inside the cavity of side doors. 

To ensure the sensor works properly, collision centres should use “original clips with the seals,” said Inzano. Improper or sealless clips could produce a “big” difference in airbag timing, he said. He did not specify which models carried the door pressure sensors.

He also cautioned that drilling holes for paintless dent repair is prohibited

“We need to ensure the door is just as sealed as it was before,” said Inazo.

The BMW Repair Technology presentation gave repairers a look at some other potential crash sensors to watch for in BMWs.

The B-pillars house both lateral and longitudinal acceleration sensors, and each engine support carries a “front sensor,” according to a slide. The slide also indicated that the Integrated Chassis Module contains roll rate and lateral, vertical and longitudinal acceleration sensors.

The next Guild 21 call is scheduled for 2 p.m. ET on March 11.


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