Collisionology from Chief: Tips and tricks for technicians

By Richard Perry

OEM and Strategic Account Sales Manager for Chief Automotive Technologies

In addition to serving as a resource for the latest collision repair products and technologies, Chief’s “Collisionology” blog includes helpful tips for running a successful shop. In three recent posts, we show facility operators how to boost employee morale, retain technicians and prepare for the future:

Are Your Collision Repair Techs Grumbling? Four Ways to Up Morale

Once low employee morale takes root, it can be hard to cure. That’s why it is important to take early action if your techs are unhappy. In this post, we lay out a roadmap for determining the problem, making a change and communicating your actions to the team.

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Retain Your Collision Repair Techs

Staff turnover is costly. A recent study showed that the lost productivity when someone leaves, combined with hiring and training costs for a new team member, can equal 20 percent of the departed employee’s salary. So what can shop managers do to hold onto their techs? In this post, we outline four strategies that should keep staff involved and happy.

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Future-Proof Your Shop

Keeping pace with the always-evolving collision repair industry takes more than just upgrading your equipment every few years. By using the four tips in this post, collision repair shops can stay ahead of the curve and prevent change from disrupting productivity.

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Richard Perry is the OEM and strategic account sales manager for Chief Automotive Technologies. He got his start in the collision repair industry more than 30 years ago as a body technician and joined Chief in 1996 as a training instructor. Perry currently sits on the International Board of Directors for I-CAR, serves as a SkillsUSA collision advisor, and represents Chief at Collision Industry Conference (CIC) and National Automotive Technicians Education Foundation (NATEF) meetings.


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