Dennis Kelly

by Dennis Kelly

Greetings once again. So glad you could join us for a few minutes.

You might remember yesterday, we were having a great discussion with Peter.

He was asking what it meant to purchase a radio sponsorship.

What it means, Peter, is you are making a purchase to be specifically aligned to a particular report so that listeners get to know you as the one always associated with that feature.

To make it worthwhile for both the advertiser and the station, these are usually 13 week features.

Ideally you want a feature that ties into your product or service if available:

Ie: Today’s Ski Report is brought to you by Razor’s Edge Ski Wax*

This Traffic Report is brought to you by See Your Way Clear Windshield Wipers*

This Daily Business Report is brought to you by Retirement Mutual Funds•

(* all fictitious names. Any similarity to actual products is purely coincidental)

It doesn’t have to be an exact match, but it makes a great affiliation and name recall if the ad and the report are closely aligned.

So, Peter asked, is this all I need? Just one sponsorship and don’t do anything else?

Interesting question. If funds are limited, a sponsorship is an excellent way to target a very specific audience- your audience- and make sure you maximize your exposure to them. Even if you have more than enough funds, a sponsorship is an excellent way to be in front of your audience on a regular basis.

If I have the opportunity, certainly I’d add more radio time and more media to my buy. But this can be an excellent starting point and anchor for any campaign.

Just know that within Radio and all media, there are multiple layers of choices for where and how to invest those ad dollars.

Until we revisit this, you can also take a peek at our Radiowaves PDF found here:

This will offer you some additional ammunition as you’re planning.

Stay tuned.

A professional to his fingertips, Dennis Kelly of First Impressions Media brings a deft touch as your media magician.

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