Bimmer Beware: BMW drivers display more psychopathic tendencies than other drivers, claims study

Toronto, Ontario — It might be in your best interest to stay on the good side of BMW drivers, as a recent survey from Scrap Car Comparison showed that drivers of that particular brand, as well as EV and vanity plate owners, display the most psychopathic tendencies.

In an absolutely worthwhile and important survey, Scrap Car Comparison asked 2,000 drivers to complete the famous “Psychopath Test”, a twelve-question survey that is able to define where a person falls on the psychopathy scale, and therefore how likely they are to exhibit abnormal, anti-social behaviour.

Ranked on a scale of zero (no psychopathy) to 36 (psychopathy likely) the average score across all participants was 6,6.

The survey found that BMW drivers have just enough of a chip on their shoulders to warrant a cautious side-eye from their fellow motorists, scoring a 12.1, followed by Audi at 11.7.

Vanity plate owners and drivers of gold vehicles are also red flags, as the two categories scored 13.8 and 12.7 respectively.

The worst is yet to come, however, as the survey found that EV owners scored an average of 16 out of 36.

Managing director of Scrap Car Comparison, Dan Gick, said “The popularity of true crime documentaries has resulted in a worldwide fascination with psychopaths. So, we were curious to discover whether there was any correlation between the car you drive and where you might sit on the psychopath scale.

“While our findings might back up some existing stereotypes of drivers who are unsafe on the road, it’s worth noting that none of the levels seen in our study were any cause for concern, and while certain TV shows or films might trivialise what it means it be a psychopath, it is a condition that should be taken seriously. For us, the number one priority is ensuring that whether you drive a BMW or a Skoda, you’re staying safe while driving so that your car doesn’t have to prematurely hit the scrap heap!”


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