Believe it or not – October 18, 2018

"Oh bother," said Pooh. "I appear to have forgotten the keys. A Colorado man was surprised to discover a bear had opened his car's doors.

By CRM staff

Toronto, Ontario — October 19, 2018 –-This week, we have found a bunch of unbelievable news including the reveal of an actual self-driving car, a collection of fake recall notices that were sent out and much, much more!


An actual self-driving flying car

There has been discussion from Toyota about creating a flying car, but this year at GTEX, the trade show that showcases the technology of the future, brought the idea to life. Etisalat, a primary service provider in Dubai, revealed its autonomous flying car. The video that was taken shows exactly what one might imagine a flying car would resemble. It’s very futuristic looking and hovers over the ground.  It is reportedly the first fully electric and zero-emission modular system.


Fake recall notices

A dealership in Washington D.C settled with the Federal Trade Commission for supposedly sending fake recall notices in the mail, so they could boost their dealer’s repair business. They sent the notice to 7,000 Toyota owners in 2015 and 14,000 Nissan owners in 2017. The notice had mentioned that the manufacturer may have tried to contact you previously, and this was the follow-up effort. To settle this matter the dealership agreed they wouldn’t mislead consumers with this, but they never admitted to doing anything wrong. The settlement also didn’t include any compensation for consumers. The dealership said in a written statement that it sent the letters to its customers because it was having difficulty identifying and fixing cars with unrepaired safety defects. Manufacturer lists of unrepaired vehicles with open recalls aren’t always available to dealers.


A black bear is the culprit?

After a Colorado car owner went to their vehicle and saw that there were three doors wide open, he probably was scared someone had broken into it. But a camera that had a good visual of the vehicle all night picked up something else. A curious black bear was the culprit and from the video is appears it had no problem using the handles to open the doors, but did forget to close them after he was done. The car doors remained open for three hours and there was no real damage to the vehicle.


The great escape

Talk about the ultimate escape! A Tauranga, New Zealand man used almost every form of transportation to escape from the police. The police had multiple warrants out for the man, including drug and weapon charges. Officers were called to an area where the 37-year-old man was seen leaving a suspicious vehicle in a hurry. A couple hours later he returned to the vehicle but decided to run on foot away from the police. He then ran across a nearby golf course where he spotted a bike and stole it. After the bike started to get old, he tried to steal a vehicle but that also didn’t seem to pan out very well. Being near the beach, he saw the water as his only option left. He tried to get away on a surf ski kayak.. without paddles. Before too long he ended up tipping into the water, where police finally caught him.

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