Believe it or not – May 16, 2019

By CRM staff

Toronto, Ontario – May 16, 2019 – From an incident of road rage caught on camera to an Uber ride gone wrong, and a rare Ferrari being stolen, Collision Repair has prepared the top three unbelievable stories of the week.

1. Road Rage

A recent case of road rage on Highway 410 in Ontario has police asking the public for help. Chris Maxwell was driving home from work on Highway 410 near Brampton Ont. when a black car started tailgating him. Dashcam footage from another vehicle shows the black car tailgating Maxwell’s vehicle and then trying to improperly pass. The tailgater eventually got in front but hit Maxwell’s vehicle causing it to smash into a median and swerve out of control. The black car took off without stopping to see if the Maxwell was ok.

2. Wrong Way Crash

An Uber driver’s dashcam footage shows a very terrifying crash. While the driver was travelling down the New York City tunnel another vehicle was in the wrong lane speeding towards his. That’s when the two cars collided. The man in the vehicle then tried to escape on foot but didn’t get very far. CNN reported that the driver was intoxicated and arrested facing a number of charges. The Uber driver had two other passengers in the car who suffered minor injuries.

3.  Find the Ferrari

German police have found the rare 1980 Ferrari sports car that was reported as missing. The red Ferrari is believed to be worth more than U.S. $2.2 million. When the seller of the rare vehicle took a potential buyer out for a test-spin, the buyer wanted a chance to get behind the wheel. As they were switching places, the potential buyer quickly got into the driver’s seat, not even giving the salesman a chance to get back into the car. The man hit the gas and took off into the sunset. A few days later police found the vehicle hidden in a garage in the Grevenbroich area. The thief is yet to be found.

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