Believe it or not – January 24, 2019

By CRM staff

Toronto, Ontario — January 24, 2019 — This week Collision Repair has prepared three unbelievable stories that you just have to read. From the Bird Box challenge that went terribly wrong to royal debris being sold on eBay, plus much, much more!

Bad Dog

Professional fisherman, Eric Jackson had quite the surprise when he was launching his boat in the water, leaving his dalmatian in his RV unattended.

As Jackson stood near the rear bumper of his RV preparing to unload his boat, his RV started to reverse into the water.

Jackson’s two-year-old dalmatian stepped on the reverse switch, and by the time he tried to go back inside the vehicle to try and stop it, the back wheels were already floating. With substantial damage to the RV it will never leave Texas. “Just about everything in it is ruined and the water damage to the floors and walls is starting to become an issue. We are trying to dry it out and salvage it… stay tuned,” Jackson posted on Facebook.

The Bird Box Challenge

The recent Netflix thriller Bird Box was brought to social media as the latest challenge. The film is about a virus that can be contracted through sight and in order to survive people must blindfold their eyes. This concept was taken to the roads in Utah, where a 17-year-old teenager decided to drive her car blindfolded and the inevitable happened. She crashed into another car. Luckily no one was injured.

Royal Debris For Sale

Pieces of plastics that were salvaged from Prince Philip’s car in his recent collision with a car carrying a mother and a baby were being sold on eBay.

The car pieces from the Duke of Edinburgh’s land rover attracted a lot of bidders reaching £65,900 as the highest bid. The items that were auctioned included three plastic parts and what looks like a bunch of broken glass. The user that put the parts up for sale said that the debris “may even have Phil’s DNA on it if you wanted to clone him or something.”

An eBay spokesperson reportedly said that the listing had been removed because it didn’t follow their policy relating to the sale of any items seeking profit from human suffering or tragedy.

Tesla Roadster Experiment

What’s Inside Family’s YouTube Channel host Dan took a very small but fast 2010 Tesla Roadster for a spin. Now Dan is 6’2 and fits pretty comfortably in the tiny vehicle, that is only 155 inches long (6 inches shorter than the 2010 Honda Fit) and 44 inches tall-and that’s including the roof. So as an experiment he brings an NFL lineman Tyrell Crosby along, who 6’5 and weighs 317 lbs. As it turns out Crosby’s knees are hugging the steering wheel and the lineman just fits in the compact electric car. His head, however, is right over the windshield of the convertible, making him bend down to see.

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