Believe it or not – February 28, 2019

By CRM staff

Toronto, Ontario — February 28, 2019 — This week has been unbelievable! From a bizarre fine given to a motorist in the United States to an Edmonton family finding a bomb under their vehicle, Collision Repair has prepared the top four unbelievable stories of the week.

Outrageous Fine

The Homeowners association in Tennessee charged a condo complex resident Kathryn $100 because of the mark her vehicle left in the parking lot of the complex. It all began one morning in January when there was a light snowfall that occurred overnight and carried into the morning. Kathryn had gotten into her vehicle and drove off to work like any other day. The next day, she received an e-mail from the Homeowners Association accompanying a photo of the mark her vehicle had left. The e-mail stated that she is being fined $100 because her vehicle had violated one of HOA’s rules – displaying offensive images or slogans. “Your car, specifically the Honda, left this offensive image on the ground after you left,” the email read. “I believe you will see why we have had complaints about it. One of our residents took the photo and reported it to us out of concern for our younger residents.” The photo shows a peculiar and inappropriate image. The vehicle that was parked in its parking spot all night blocked the light snow creating the shape of male genitalia. Kathryn was outraged and defended the fact that it was out of her control and she wasn’t paying the fine. The HOA responded that they understand, and they aren’t pursuing any legal action.

Bomb Alert

A family in Edmonton is pretty freaked out after they discovered a pipe bomb taped underneath one of their vehicles.  Police were notified on Tuesday evening after a man discovered that something unusual was sitting under his sister’s SUV when he arrived home from work. The bomb was an eight silver pipe with a wire coming out of it. Police evacuated the area and the Explosive Disposal Unit deployed a bomb disposal robot to investigate. Police said that they “disrupted the device by an approved method that in turn prevented the device from exploding.” It is still a mystery as to how the bomb got there in the first place.

Car Trap

A Honda Accord tried to drive over a big hole in the middle of the road in Detroit and got stuck. Although Detroit has been known for its potholes, it wasn’t a pothole­—it was an active construction site that had been barricaded by utility workers. According to Detroit police, it was the site of a water main break that had since been repaired. “The driver apparently went around those barricades and then struck barricades that were surrounding the construction site. … It was all properly posted and barricaded,” Hamtramck Police chief Anne Moise told the Free Press.

Snowplow to the Rescue

A 48-year-old woman living in her car in South Lake Tahoe, California was rescued after a snow plow discovered her vehicle buried in the snow. The woman claims she was sitting in her vehicle under the pile of snow for about five hours and wasn’t concerned about how she was going to get out. Her car battery was dead, and she wasn’t able to roll down her windows. It wasn’t until a snowplow bumped into the back of her vehicle which prompted her trunk to open. After they discovered a vehicle there, the plow workers began to shovel around the vehicle so they could get a tow truck to take it away. But then they noticed a woman’s hand on the window. They ended up getting her out safely, but if the plows didn’t find her vehicle, it could have ended up very different.

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