Believe it or not – February 21, 2019

By CRM staff

Toronto, Ontario — February 21, 2019 —  Can you believe that an Ontario high school teacher built a dragster from the ground-up with his students, or that a smart car might become the new snow plow? Check out Collision Repair’s top three unbelievable stories of the week!

The Drag-U-La

Teacher Gord Osborne of Kingsville District High School is a huge fan of the classic 60s television show The Munsters. Since he also enjoys working with cars so much he decided to build himself a dragster. But not just any dragster, one that would replicate the vehicle that Grandpa Munster built in one of the episodes from the famous show. Thanks to his Tech Zone students and few community partners in the paint and autobody field, Osborne has finished the dragster he started working on in 2017. In case you’re wondering the vehicle is a Frankenstein with a 350 Chevy engine, pieces of a 5’1 Ford pickup and a ’75 Jeep Cherokee. There are also parts that have never existed, fabricated with 3D printing. The vehicle will be showcased at the Detroit Autorama which takes place March 1 to 3 at the Cobo Center.

Smart Plow

Montreal resident, Frank Espina was tired of the snow not being cleared around his condo building. As a solution, Espina decided to attach a plow to a Smart car. He only looked into buying this eco-friendly small vehicle just last year so he could install a plow to the front of it. He ended up installing a custom-made receiver hitch to the front and ordered a snow plow from the U.S. In total, it costed him around $2,500. He admitted to Global News that it doesn’t do the best job but it does the trick to push the snow out of the way so people can drive up the driveway and get into the garage.

Massive Car Pileup

While there have been many traffic pileups in Canada due to the slippery roads with the icy weather conditions, there was one just recently in Missouri that involved more than 40 vehicles and a video to illustrate how bad it was. The huge collision was caught on video by truck driver Jamon Weaver, where it shows multiple vehicles not coming to a complete stop in time and driving straight into a cluster of cars in the middle of the highway. It was reported that Kansas City was in the midst of whiteout conditions when the collisions happened, and the Missouri State Highway Patrol said that people were choosing to drive too fast during the icy conditions resulting in the massive car pileup.


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