Believe it or Not — December 5, 2019

Sewage Solution
After his engine bay caught fire, a Russian man felt compelled to take matters into his own hands and scanned the scene for a way to douse the flames.

Luckily, there was a large truck with a tank and hose nearby.

Unluckily, the truck was a septic hauler.

According to a Russian news source, the incident took place in Samara, about 1000 kilometres east of Moscow. The man was driving a BMW X6 when smoke started pouring out from under the hood.

Panicked, he looks around for help and enlists the driver of the septic truck, who positions the hose and starts spraying.

After a matter of seconds, the hood⁠—and the exposed engine bay itself⁠—are smothered in a mess of thick, murky sludge.

There were no reported injuries, though the fate of the dung-dusted X6 is unknown.

A video of the incident has garnered more than 100,000 YouTube views and 7,000 Facebook comments.

The biggest question⁠—why the man didn’t just let the car burn.

Thoughts go out to the Russian repairer dealing with the feces-coated X6.

Ratting on a Relative

When a father and son decided to drag race through New York City’s Lincoln Tunnel, the daredevil dad
nearly got off scot-free⁠—until his son posted dashcam footage of the race online, which resulted in the arrest of both drivers.

The Lincoln Tunnel, which connects Manhatten to New Jersey via three two-lane tubes, has a speed limit of 35-mph (56 km/h) and is typically choked with traffic. However, a recent traffic-free evening gave a father-son duo the genius idea to drag race their Corvettes down the two-kilometre stretch.

Predictably, this led to a crash as the son lost control of his car. He hits a vehicle in the adjacent lane, bounces off the tunnel wall and takes out a nearby SUV before speeding off.

The young driver was charged with leaving the scene of the accident⁠—but things got much worse when he posted dashcam footage to his Instagram. Now, both drivers have been arrested, with new charges including reckless driving, reckless endangerment and illegal speed contest.

Winter Woes

Picture this—it’s a wintry Sunday morning and you head out for your weekly errands. You park your car in the lot, saunter into the store, but when you return, you find your car hoisted on a couple of bricks with its winter tires missing.

This exact scenario happened to a Toronto driver⁠—when a man stopped into a store to grab a few items and he returned to his parked car to find two of his winter tires had been removed from the right side of his vehicle.

“What the heck,” the driver mutters as he approaches his vehicle, filming the scene. “Yeah, somebody stole them. Look, they even left the stuff under the car. They took both wheels.”

“In the middle of winter⁠—the audacity, the nerve,” commented one user. “I would be dying in the parking lot!”

“Just turn it into a sled,” commented another. “We live in Canada⁠—it’s no biggie.”

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