Axalta and Plenham ink three year partnership deal

By CRM staff 

Toronto, Ontario — January 4, 2019 — Axalta is teaming up with Plenham Ltd., parent company of bodyshop and IBIS Worldwide brands.

The agreement comes in the form of a three-year global partnership intended to help the global collision repair industry share ideas for business improvement, as well as drive better practices in innovation, and establish new processes and know-how through dynamic media and social interactions. The deal will allow Plenham to leverage Axalta’s global refinish expertise to enhance their worldwide media platforms and networks, while Axalta will gain a front row seat to media and conference brands IBIS and bodyshop magazine.

“We are delighted to establish a long-term agreement with Axalta,” said Jason Moseley, Plenham CEO. “Having forged a strong bond over the last year its clear we have a joint passion for improving the collision industry based on shared ethics and beliefs in ‘doing the right thing.’ This makes for an incredibly exciting 2019 and having Axalta right by our side enables us to deliver an unrivalled portfolio of events and publications.”

Jim Muse, Axalta’s vice president of Global Refinish Sales, also spoke regarding the news. “I am confident that this new alliance between Plenham and Axalta will significantly benefit our customers and the overall global collision repair industry. Axalta’s long and successful track record in helping our customers enhance efficiency by using new products and technologies combined with Plenham’s extensive network of body shops around the world make this a powerful combination. Together, we can advance new thinking and technologies quicker and get faster feedback on ideas that will make our industry better and more cost effective than ever before. This is truly a win-win for our two companies and, as importantly, for the entire industry. We are excited to get started in 2019.”

The two companies plan to begin their partnership with the IBIS USA 2019 symposium in San Diego, which runs from February 13-15, 2019.

For more information visit ibisworldwide.

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