AV Report – August 5, 2019

Toronto, Ontario — August 5, 2019 – From huge investments in AV production companies to a  tiny electric vehicle with a whole lotta power, this weeks AV report has all things electric and autonomous covered. 

Recogni on the Road

A California-based company has just raised $25 million dollars towards AV development.

Recogni, founded just one year ago, is currently working on low-overhead perception systems for autonomous vehicles.

Predicted to be 500 times more efficient than other leading platforms, the system is strictly vision-based.

“Leveraging our background in machine learning, computer vision, silicon, and system design, we are engineering a fundamentally new system that benefits the auto industry with very high efficiency,” stated Recogni CEO, RK Anand.


Electric Evija

Lotus car company has just announced their plans of production for their first electric car, called “Evija”.

Ready to begin production in 2020, Lotus has designed Evjia to have a horsepower of 2000 (metric) and able to reach speeds of 320 km/h.

Evija will also be able to drive up to 400km before needing a recharge and will be known as the first electric “hypercar.”

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