Automaker Advice: Toyota releases vehicle disinfection guide

Toronto, Ontario ⁠— Toyota has released a list of components repairers should pay extra attention to when disinfecting, along with a list of suggested disinfectants that are safe-for-use on its vehicles. 

The document recommends disinfecting both when a vehicle is brought in for repairs and when it is returned to the customer. If a vehicle has been exposed to COVID-19, do not touch it for 24 hours before disinfecting it.

According to the document, key exterior touchpoints on Toyota vehicles include:

  • All exterior handles
  • Fuel lid/gas cap
  • Trunk or tailgate button/pull
  • Key fob
  • Front hood area

Key interior touchpoints include:

  • Interior door levers and window/door lock controls
  • Upper door trims/armrest
  • Power seat switches
  • HVAC vents/controls
  • Steering wheel/buttons
  • Lower IP various buttons
  • Hood release
  • Ignition switch
  • Multifunction levers
  • Radio various buttons
  • Centre console, glove box buttons, handles
  • Cup holders
  • Shift lever
  • Seat belt adjusters/buckles/locks
  • Seats (if necessary)
  • Inner mirror visors, assist handles, sunroof, shade handle, maps, lamps, various buttons

The guidance also includes a list of which Environmental Protection Agency-approved COVID-19 disinfectants are acceptable to use on its cars.

Click here for the full document.

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