Interactive Intersection: Honda Canada to showcase ‘immersive’ display at Montreal Auto Show

Toronto, Ontario — Honda Canada has stated it will be redefining people’s expectations of an auto show with a new initiative the company has named ‘The Intersection.’

In an effort to shift away from the classic vehicle displays of antiquity for a more “immersive and interactive” experience, the Intersection will showcase model cityscapes including sidewalks, trees, buildings and parks.

“This new concept models a city where visitors can immerse themselves in our story, see how we innovate, ask questions and better understand how we participate in the world around us,” said Jean Marc Leclerc, senior vice president of sales and marketing with Honda Canada. “We know people attend auto shows to learn and experience something new, so we’re breaking the mold with a dynamic environment that exposes all aspects of Honda Canada in a fun and entertaining way.”

Honda Canada said the six standout features to look forward to at the Intersection are its UNI-CUB demonstration, a battery-powered mobility device meant for large spaces; Crash Test Civic, which allows viewers to see the results of a Honda Civic crash test up close; the Robotic Arm Interactive Display, an educational look at the robots that help manufacture Honda vehicles; Digital X-Ray Scrubber, an “X-Ray” view of a Honda Accord Hybrid to display the vehicle’s capabilities; the Understanding CO2 exhibit, which will label each Honda vehicle with how much CO2 it emits; and the Honda Community Park, allowing visitors to stroll through a recreated park setting and learn of Honda Canada’s main charities.

The Intersection is set to unveil as a part of the Montreal International Auto Show—its components to be reused throughout the 2020 show season according to the company.

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