Auto-Diagnosis: Ford patents camera-based damage identification system

Toronto, Ontario — A new patent secured by Ford aims to record  and report vehicle body damage instantaneously from the point of impact for immediate communication directly to partners such as insurance and rental companies, according to reporting from Ford Authority.

Filed on Oct. 6, 2020, published on Jan. 24, 2023 and assigned serial number 11562570, this latest patent from the Ford Motor Company describes a system that uses cameras integrated into a vehicle’s body to capture damage, from a large collision to a small parking lot door ding.

In this way, it will both open immediate dialogue with insurers and emergency services in the case of larger collisions, but also alert drivers to smaller damage they may not have otherwise noticed.

The system would itself be capable of distinguishing between different types of damage, gauging damage severity, and filling out a claim rapidly.

Ford Authority also points out that such a design could help reduce the frequency of hit-and-run incidents.


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