Attracting Top Talent: SkillsTrader CEO Fadi Smaidi says money may not be the main driver

Edmonton, Alberta ⁠— During the Canadian Collision Industry Forum (CCIF) virtual event, SkillsTrader founder and CEO Fadi Smaidi said today’s generation of collision repairers are often less concerned with pay and more concerned about finding a workplace that drives them closer to their goals.

“Understanding the audience pool is very important,” said Smaidi. “A lot of people in the newer generations are less concerned about traditional goals like buying a house, getting married or buying a car. Instead, individuals want to feel they are part of an organization that gets them where they want to be.” 

He said a big part of recruitment will involve industry organizations like CCIF hosting events to inform potential recruits about opportunities within the industry.

“The industry has a whole lot to do better at attracting new talent to the trade,” said Smaidi. “One part is the industry’s responsibility⁠—organizations like CCIF can help with events like this, highlighting the struggles and successes of our industry.”  

Vince Maida, director of claims commercial partnerships for Desjardins, agreed that many shops need to work on highlighting what it can offer to employees, especially when it comes to advancement opportunities.

“We have so many successful people who started from the bottom,” he wrote in the CCIF virtual chat. “I think we need to start showcasing them as, ‘This could be you!’”

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