Are We There Yet: Tesla releases Full Self-Driving beta to U.S. drivers, Canadians still waiting

Toronto, Ontario — Do you have a Tesla and drive with a safety score above 95? You might have full self-driving on your system as we speak: but probably not, if you live in Canada.

Over the weekend, Tesla’s 10.11 software update provided updates for safer assisted driving and unlocking the self-driving beta for some owners. This update also patches known phantom braking problems in some Tesla vehicles.

Previously, the beta which assists drivers but requires them to take the wheel at any moment was restricted to drivers with safety scores at or slightly below 100.

According to a tweet by Elon Musk, the full self-driving beta was released in the United States between Mar. 12 and 13.  This follows an earlier tweet, where Musk said the beta would arrive in Canada in February.

According to Drive Tesla Canada, there were no known Canadian downloads of the self-driving beta as of Mar. 14.


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