Anest Iwata launches limited edition spray gun to celebrate Lotus partnership

spray gun

By CRM Staff

Calgary, Alberta — November 28, 2017 — Anest Iwata has created a special edition spray gun to celebrate its 15-year long partnership with Lotus, with just 3,000 available worldwide.

The Lotus 3-Eleven Limited Edition Supernova is available in two different versions, the WS-400 evo (compliant model) and LS-400 entech (HVLP model), and features pre-atomization technology. Characterized by very fine atomization and low air inlet pressure, Anest Iwata claims the technology creates a rounded pattern that directs material back towards the surface of the product, which “reduces overspray and increases transfer efficiency.”

The company said the benefits of the product include: “less air consumption; less overspray; higher transfer efficiency; and large, uniform and a flat, yet soft, spray pattern.”

The product is delivered in a customized waterproof and solvent vapour resistant case that comes equipped with a 600ml 3M PPS starter set, an air pressure regulator, a cleaning kit and a credit card-sized certificate of authenticity.

A statement from Anest Iwata read: “ [The product celebrates] the partnership of Lotus and Anest Iwata, two uncompromising brands both striving for perfection in performance and finish. Not only in the spray booth, but also on the fastest racetracks in the world.”

More information about the limited edition spray gun can be found at cpcoatings.ca, the products official Canadian supplier.

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