All Clear: VIA train drags car 1,500 metres in Ottawa, no injuries reported

Ottawa firefighters inspecting battery and hose lines before checking for leaks. (Jean Lalonde/Ottawa Fire Services)

Ottawa, Ontario — Firefighters responding to a train versus car collision are proud to report that the vehicle’s single occupant and the 117 passengers and staff on a VIA Rail train headed for Montreal are safe and uninjured.

The same cannot be said for the car, which was dragged eastward, down approximately 1,500 metres of train tracks.

According to Ottawa Fire Services, crews responded to a rail crossing collision at Piperville Road and Boundary Road on Monday. They found that VIA Rail train 38 struck and dragged a Hyundai Elantra along the tracks.

The crash was deemed by the Federal Transportation Board as a class 5 occurrence: an incident with little likelihood of identifying new safety lessons, and will not be subject to comprehensive investigations or an investigation report.

According to the Ottawa Police, the vehicle was on the tracks due to “driver error.”

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