AkzoNobel hosts PCE Bootcamp at Universal Collision Centre

Pictured is the Universal Collision Centre (UCC) in Regina, Saskatchewan. According to Bob DuBrueil, Senior Services Consultant, AkzoNobel, UCC is one of the best examples of a Process Centred Environment in North America

Regina, Saskatchewan — July 18, 2017 — AkzoNobel has held an inaugural PCE Bootcamp at the newest PCE training facility, Universal Collision Centre in Regina, Saskatchewan. 

Bob DuBrueil and John Cox of AkzoNobel served as facilitators for the PCE Bootcamp. PCE stands for Process Centered Environment, AkzoNobel’s method of managing a collision facility based on the principles of lean production, theory of constraints and six sigma.

Fourteen students came from locations as varied as Squamish, British Columbia and St. Stephens, New Brunswick, to spend two-and-a-half days learning about PCE in the classroom and seeing it in practice on the shop floor. Three members of the class were representatives of AkzoNobel distributors, who wanted to learn how to help their customers with their PCE journeys.

The training began with a short presentation from P.J. Morris, General Manager of UCC, who welcomed the participants and gave them a brief history of the facility, detailing how the team at the shop implemented PCE and sustained it for nearly 10 years. The class learned about the 10 Building Blocks of PCE, and the course included classroom training combined with shop floor exercises. 

Russ Tataryn, Repair Planner at UCC, helped the participants understand repair planning and how that process is implemented at the shop.

As a result of the success of this event, AkzoNobel intends to hold more PCE Bootcamps at UCC beginning in the fall of this year. More information on AkzoNobel’s PCE Bootcamps is available at this link.   


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