Aid with ADAS

A calibration conversation with Level 5 Drive

Featuring John Marlowe and Giuliano Bernabei

what you'll hear:

the ins and outs

Learn exactly how ADAS works, and why post-collision calibrations are crucial.

complex calculations

Educate yourself on the differences between dynamic and static calibrations.


How will calibrations continue to transform our sector?

what you don't know...

When it comes to ADAS calibrations, there is far more than meets the eye.

considering calibration?

What your business requires to offer safe and proper ADAS calibration.

Q & A

Suffering from ADAS pains? John and Giuliano can answer all your calibration questions!


John Marlowe is a collision industry consultant and ADAS specialist. A former facility owner and manager, John touts more than 25 years of experience in the collision repair industry. Earlier this year, he launched Level 5 Drive, a Burlington, Ont.-based calibration centre alongside Giuliano Bernabei.
John Marlowe
Level 5 Drive
Giuliano Bernabei is the co-founder of Level 5 Drive and a collision repair operations specialist. An active member of the collision repair sector for more than 30 years, Giuliano previously owned and operated his own facility, and has also worked as estimator for various dealerships.
Giuliano Bernabei
Level 5 Drive
Allison Rogers is a reporter and assistant editor with Media Matters. She reports on the collision repair industry daily and regularly contributes to the company's host of magazines, including Collision Repair magazine, Bodyworx Professional, Canadian Auto Recycler and Collision Quebec.
Allison Rogers
Collision Repair magazine


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