A Tesla in Kitchener?


By CRM Staff

Kitchener, Ontario — April 10, 2018 —  Like many tech-oriented millenials driven out of Toronto by its high rents, rumor has it that Tesla is going to is moving to the Kitchener-Waterloo area.

According to a number of unconfirmed reports, Tesla has purchased a dealership facility in Kitchener. The facility, located on Victoria Street, was previously operated as Saab of KW by brothers Ron and Ray Kraishnik. If true, the site will become the eleventh Tesla location in Canada. While the EV powerhouse has never been a profitable company for billionaire founder Elon Musk, the move should send a clear signal to the collision repair industry: EVs are going mainstream  –  and it is time to prepare to fix them properly.

A real estate holding company purchased the property on behalf of Tesla, who plans to renovate the existing building for the incoming fleet of EVs.

For Ontario’s collision repairers, this could mean even larger numbers of EVs entering the local marketplace sooner than expected. These will, inevitably, join into the larger Canadian automotive industry, providing more opportunity for repairers.


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