A Price on Perfection: Driven Brands acquires Indiana-based Perfection Auto Glass

Indianapolis, Indiana — Driven Brands is continuing its conquest of the U.S. glass repair market as the automotive aftermarket giant announced the acquisition of Indiana-based Perfection Auto Glass on Thursday.

This deal marks Driven’s fourth auto glass repair acquisition in the U.S., following the company’s purchase of All-Star Glass and its 30 locations in late April.

Perfection Auto Glass took root in the Indianapolis, Ind.-area 20 years ago as a family business that would quickly grow to become one of the largest locally owned auto glass companies in the region.

Founder David King’s operations are largely supported by his wife Holly and their son Chase, as well as his brother Tony and his wife Teresa.

“We’re excited to drive continued growth for our glass segment, enhancing our overall footprint across North America with strong businesses that have deep ties to their communities,” said Driven Brands president and CEO, Jonathan Fitzpatrick.

“The addition of Perfection Auto Glass continues our strategy of aggressively expanding our glass business model through both our company-owned and franchise platforms.”

With this acquisition, Driven Brands adds six Perfection Auto Glass locations to its 300-strong roster of glass repair facilities located throughout the U.S. and Canada.

Driven Brands first entered the glass repair business in Canada with the acquisition of Uniban in 2019.

The total addressable market for auto glass repair in North America is $5 billion and growing, according to Driven Brands’ press release.


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