A Good Car is Hard to Find: Apple AirTags help Canadian man relocate stolen Range Rover

Toronto, Ontario – Apple’s AirTag product is designed to help users find lost or misplaced items. By attaching to a keychain, wallet or using its magnetic capabilities, AirTags attach to items so owners can locate items. One Canadian man, however, used his Apple AirTag to find something much larger than a lost wallet or misplaced keys. By placing them within his vehicle, he was able to relocate his stolen Range Rover.

Having had another vehicle stolen earlier this year, a Toronto resident who chose to go by the name of ‘Lorne’ purchased the same model of vehicle in May. The previous theft resulted in no recovery of the vehicle, as his personal effects–wallets, keys, phone, etc.–were thrown out of the vehicle, The in-car tracking app was also disabled.

This time, however, Lorne decided to place multiple AirTags within his new vehicle to potentially prevent/track potential theft. The (potentially) expected happened, and Lorne’s vehicle was again stolen. This time, however, Lorne was able to use the Find My app to track the device to a metal recycling plant in Scarborough, Ontario.

Upon arrival at the recycling facility, Lorne called the police, but got no response. He then drove to the police station, filed a report, and eventually recovered his vehicle in the process. Police also recovered nine other stolen vehicles from the facility.

This comes after reports earlier this year that Apple AirTags were being used to mark high-end vehicles in public places for future tracking and potential theft.

While not its intended purpose, Apple AirTags have proven useful to one man, who was able to recover his vehicle and hopefully make thieves think twice about their criminal ways.


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