A Certain Proposal: Nissan partners with Canadian AI analytics firm to predict part defects, potential repairs

Toronto, Ontario — Artificial Intelligence is the way of the future–and we don’t mean robots. Canadian Industrial A.I. company utilizes machine learning, and testing algorithms to predict possible maintenance issues before they potentially escalate into expensive repairs.

In a 2019 interview with Collision Repair magazine, CEO Greta Cutulenco explained the importance of Acerta’s services.

“I see Acerta supporting the entire automotive product lifecycle, using AI to find insights in that huge volume of production and on-road data. Our models can help engineers and technicians predict when a vehicle or assembly will fail and, more importantly, why,” she said.

This statement from nearly three years ago neatly predicts the exact growth that Acerta has attained in this most recent venture. With Nissan as a partner, Acerta gains access to a valuable research partner.

“Our models will also estimate the remaining distance that a vehicle can travel before maintenance is needed,” said Cutulenco, in a press release.

The partnership is sponsored by the Ontario Vehicle Innovation Network (OVIN); valued at $1.4 million and set to receive $344,000 in provincial funding.

“We are excited about the potential to help our customers know in advance when their vehicle could require maintenance,” says Nissan Vice-President Kazuhiro Doi, “By alerting the driver of a potential future issue, the driver can pre-emptively seek maintenance or repairs.”

This represents further growth within the Canadian market for Acerta. Founded in 2017, Acerta has continually focused on expanding its data analytics to the automotive market. With the new Nissan partnership, Acerta says it promises to be a major player in the automotive industry moving forward.


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